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00:00 Eating game
00:17 Homemade lollipops made from gummy bears
00:42 Apple sticks
01:36 Medicine trick
01:50 Awesome gadget for smart parents
02:40 How to sneak candies from children
02:55 DIY lipstick for daughter
03:39 Use lollipop as a remedy!
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    It is so good

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  4. TheTwins0129
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    Hailey Rodriguez
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    How come in the cover the kid dont want water its ok and water truns to ice not jello and water is a liquid lol btw im talking about the cover

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    waaaaaaahhh ggg..

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      Okba Barkat
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    RFJ Carriers
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    I’m not a mom but this is a really awesome 👏 vid stay safe everyone 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    Valeria Mejia
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    Ok one thing we pearned from this video................... Kids are stupid

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    Gretchen Curl
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    Why in the world would a mom eat chocolate like that?!

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      Isabela cute official ^√^
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    With these ways, children will be squandered Guard belt pores I write Russian by translator

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    canal das bonecas
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    Dena Lofts
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    melanie degryse
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    i think the editor over edited the thumbnail they are making the kid look abnormal bruh i just watvhed this to see if the kid is really lika that...

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      Isabela cute official ^√^
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      alida flus
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    PingAnn & Julie
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    PingAnn & Julie
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      Bala Adhityan
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      @Qadro Dauud what?

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