DaBaby pulls up to watch Mikey Williams vs Emoni Bates 🔥 GAME OF THE YEAR?!

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Mikey Williams and Lake Norman Christian battled against Emoni Bates and Ypsi Prep in Greenville, South Carolina. This might've been the biggest crowd we've seen in a very long time. Lake Norman ended up getting the victory in an intense game! Let us know down in the comments what you thought about the game.

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DaBaby pulls up to watch Mikey Williams vs Emoni Bates 🔥 GAME OF THE YEAR?!



  1. ak1 R1ots
    ak1 R1ots
    11 օր առաջ

    honestly after watching that mikey either played bad or he isn’t the best one on his team

  2. Roblox sports
    Roblox sports
    12 օր առաջ

    Dababy car

  3. Fard Williams
    Fard Williams
    13 օր առաջ

    7:22 number 2 he got blocked by the rim😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Phoenix Jackson
    Phoenix Jackson
    14 օր առաջ

    Trey green a beast & that lay up by number 0 at 5:35 was nasty

    15 օր առաջ

    Dababy got up with that dunk Mikey made🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    15 օր առաջ

    I go to this school🤣🤣🤣

  7. AroundTheWayGirl88
    15 օր առաջ

    They are exploiting these kids so much. It doesn't make any sense!

  8. Bsm.jay
    16 օր առաջ

    If bates wasn’t coming off injury it would be a easy win

  9. The Real JacobTv
    The Real JacobTv
    16 օր առաջ

    O7:24 thank me later😎

    17 օր առաջ

    Two Jonathan Kirk’s in the building

  11. Joaquim John
    Joaquim John
    19 օր առաջ

    Trae Green lowkey cold!!!

  12. Carlos Moore
    Carlos Moore
    20 օր առաջ

    When emoni gets in the paint I feel like he is going to break a bone

  13. connor binette
    connor binette
    20 օր առաջ

    Emoni play more like Tatum than KD no cap

  14. Qwyst
    23 օր առաջ

    Tats in high skl , cool. :)

  15. Silvuhh
    23 օր առաջ

    I cant stop watching 4:20 so smooth

  16. thetylahjanae
    24 օր առաջ

    are we not gonna talk about 5:50 because i died 😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Brycen Cummings
    Brycen Cummings
    24 օր առաջ

    US Detroiters finally got a basketball player to be proud of lord knows the pistons fell off

  18. sekubwa baker
    sekubwa baker
    25 օր առաջ

    Who’s the no- 2?

  19. Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey
    25 օր առաջ


  20. Aldo Hurtado
    Aldo Hurtado
    27 օր առաջ

    Emoni celebrates and flexes every shot he makes lol..

  21. mark malone
    mark malone
    28 օր առաջ

    Emoni is not going to college

  22. Gerardo Cruz
    Gerardo Cruz
    Ամիս առաջ

    Let’s gooooo

  23. Golden BS
    Golden BS
    Ամիս առաջ

    7:22 oh shit

  24. Sergio Van Winsen
    Sergio Van Winsen
    Ամիս առաջ

    Did mikey play ?

  25. And3rs0n’s Channel
    And3rs0n’s Channel
    Ամիս առաջ

    Nobody gunna talk about this big screen 5:50

  26. Joseph Togami
    Joseph Togami
    Ամիս առաջ

    Tssss Mikey got better D-fence than James harden emoni passes wen he’s in the lane 1on1 d what’s tht tell you

  27. sideskraft
    Ամիս առաջ

    The refs allow so much walking and fouls in these types of "super hyped" games that it sometimes seems more like a street match.

  28. BankBoy Cam
    BankBoy Cam
    Ամիս առաջ


  29. RuffDale Bullies
    RuffDale Bullies
    Ամիս առաջ

    That boy ran into a brick wall lol

  30. Jo Jo
    Jo Jo
    Ամիս առաջ

    Boi celebrated wit da bby before his team....clout😂😂

  31. Dilon Moore
    Dilon Moore
    Ամիս առաջ

    Nobody knows the stat line and shot attempts..??

  32. Emma
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni reminds me of kd

  33. Sam lightfoot
    Sam lightfoot
    Ամիս առաջ

    5:50 😂😂god damn

    1. duke335baby_ 1
      duke335baby_ 1
      Ամիս առաջ

      I thought I was the only one seen that 😭

  34. Manii Love
    Manii Love
    Ամիս առաջ

    6:52 da baby said “perioddd” when he hit that shot

  35. Ryan Sachar
    Ryan Sachar
    Ամիս առաջ

    Getting a sleeve before you are 18 is a risky move

  36. Quise Robinson
    Quise Robinson
    Ամիս առաջ

    5:51 🥴🥴

  37. Jarvis Livingston
    Jarvis Livingston
    Ամիս առաջ

    Who’s number 2 on Mikey’s team. He’s impressive. 🔥🔥

  38. James Diaz
    James Diaz
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emani gotta weigh like 130 pounds or sum

  39. Yanis Agodor
    Yanis Agodor
    Ամիս առաջ

    Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)_

  40. Andre Mayers
    Andre Mayers
    Ամիս առաջ

    Imagine da baby coming up to after a HS game and just dabbing you up

  41. Connor Breazeale
    Connor Breazeale
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoji like like he has absolutely no muscle mass

  42. SpïralFN On Youtube
    SpïralFN On Youtube
    Ամիս առաջ

    11:10 why are you so hype all you did was pass the ball

  43. SpïralFN On Youtube
    SpïralFN On Youtube
    Ամիս առաջ

    Bruh it’s funny how non of the teams tried to do crazy dunks until Dababy pulled up🤦🏽‍♂️they trying to hard

  44. DayBravo
    Ամիս առաջ

    Number 21 on the other team look like a crack addict

  45. aDotFendi
    Ամիս առաջ

    5:50 he must’ve been so embarrassed lmaoo

    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni is going to be nice VERY NICE

  47. Ed Too
    Ed Too
    Ամիս առաջ

    Fuck Mikey , his point guard was on point.😣

  48. Joshua Y
    Joshua Y
    Ամիս առաջ

    If Emoni comes off the bench, then that means either the coach is running a strategic lineup, or Ypsi Prep is THAT LOADED. (Or anger management. You never know)

  49. Julian Louden
    Julian Louden
    Ամիս առաջ

    Da baby in there looking like a Rap Snacks potato chip bag cover

  50. CrackedDJ
    Ամիս առաջ

    5:53😂 ran clean into a brickwall

  51. Didi Jagger
    Didi Jagger
    Ամիս առաջ

    Mikey Gives Me Donovan Mitchell Vibes🤷🏾‍♂️

  52. Illuminati Confirmed
    Illuminati Confirmed
    Ամիս առաջ

    Anybody else see that Dababy has 4 phones

  53. Abdu Ugas
    Abdu Ugas
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni is leagues better than everyone else.

  54. Simon Smith
    Simon Smith
    Ամիս առաջ

    I hate to say it, but I don’t think Emoni is hunna the NBA at this point, he needs to bulk up

  55. Simon Smith
    Simon Smith
    Ամիս առաջ

    Did Mikey even have 15 points?? He was nowhere, number 2 was da balla

    1. JuJu3x Backup
      JuJu3x Backup
      18 օր առաջ

      Mikey had 19 and number 2(trey) had 17 and emoni had 29 so plz dont start wit dat bs

  56. Simon Smith
    Simon Smith
    Ամիս առաջ

    I’ve never seen Emoni before.... dang he skinny!

  57. Raymone Skipper
    Raymone Skipper
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni not starting 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  58. Joe Solo
    Joe Solo
    Ամիս առաջ

    Bro needs a sandwich

  59. Byren Crawley
    Byren Crawley
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni didn’t even start

  60. Iam23Himself
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni the next player who has generational talent potential! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  61. Dylan Dixon
    Dylan Dixon
    Ամիս առաջ

    This is my first time seeing Mikey play and he didnt really impress me all that much idk if it was a little bit of an off night or what🤷‍♂️

    1. North of Main Street
      North of Main Street
      Ամիս առաջ

      It’s mostly highlights though

  62. Don Rob
    Don Rob
    Ամիս առաջ

    Cockiness doesn't get you in the NBA 🙄

  63. Won Thouzan
    Won Thouzan
    Ամիս առաջ

    Mikey looks like NBA youngboy brother

  64. Truth Aya El
    Truth Aya El
    Ամիս առաջ

    4:10 Come on Big Fella you on some lazy ish and got bammed on😂

  65. Brandon Perkins
    Brandon Perkins
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni is truly a gifted player his height and skill reminds me of KD/AD type player. He’s gonna be a problem at the next level. Mikey is just all around a poised player. He’s never rattled never excessive he knows when and when not to turn it on. I can see him being a solid guard in the league.

  66. JD FAM
    JD FAM
    Ամիս առաջ

    5:51 dude had 2k17 brick wall hof 😂 😂 😂

  67. jojo ghost
    jojo ghost
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni give me kd vibes

    Ամիս առաջ


  69. Jamel Redfern
    Jamel Redfern
    Ամիս առաջ

    Baby KD

  70. David Wilson
    David Wilson
    Ամիս առաջ

    What were they stats?

  71. Nick Hedgpeth
    Nick Hedgpeth
    Ամիս առաջ

    #2 like that

  72. Nick Hedgpeth
    Nick Hedgpeth
    Ամիս առաջ

    Bless number 33 🙏🏽 5:51

  73. Tre Anderson
    Tre Anderson
    Ամիս առաջ

    Mini KD

  74. Kendrick DAWSON
    Kendrick DAWSON
    Ամիս առաջ

    We use to ball hard in high school too shid Tha party just began..

  75. Elie Ramos
    Elie Ramos
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni is the next KD

  76. NYURBLGND ••
    Ամիս առաջ

    Mikey Needs To Work On His Game 🤙🏾💯‼️

  77. Roman Nikolayev
    Roman Nikolayev
    Ամիս առաջ

    Sorry but no game of the year

  78. Kevin Crateman
    Kevin Crateman
    Ամիս առաջ

    Neither player jumps off the screen at me like past elites have. Kevin Porter Jr was a more fun player to watch.

  79. OGLosT95 X
    OGLosT95 X
    Ամիս առաջ

    I’m telling y’all ain’t nothing like that North Carolina basketball really underrated

  80. Dread pirate Roberts
    Dread pirate Roberts
    Ամիս առաջ

    Why they keep staring at Dababy when they score haha, I bet he like “tf they keep staring at me for” haha

  81. Darell Williams
    Darell Williams
    Ամիս առաջ

    Why do people keep supporting this da 👶 clown? He's a total basket case

  82. Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR
    Ամիս առաջ


  83. Jeff Waters
    Jeff Waters
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni Bates and Trey Green those kids can play. Good basketball.

  84. lil suty 3 6 9
    lil suty 3 6 9
    Ամիս առաջ


  85. Madeo
    Ամիս առաջ

    3:07 green baby

  86. Cory Thayer
    Cory Thayer
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni always performs. Mikey doesn’t ever really impress me in the last year or so. His PG Tray Greene always impresses me way more then Mikey. Dude is an old school point that spreads the ball around n makes open shots.

  87. Fred Waits
    Fred Waits
    Ամիս առաջ

    A Mikey need to make a entrance path when they call his name

  88. dbobo30
    Ամիս առաջ

    Mad props to #2 for getting hung and coming back and trying again. I thought he was going to shoot a lay up do a lay up after how he got hung lol

    1. Albert Morton
      Albert Morton
      20 օր առաջ

      Got hungLoL

  89. Heed Jones
    Heed Jones
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni reminds me of a splash of KG & Durant always has to me he’s maturing a lot on the court still has growing to do.. That killa instinct is growing hopefully he stays on track 🙏🏿💪🏾

  90. Honest Rios
    Honest Rios
    Ամիս առաջ

    Emoni would be the best and his team would never lose a game if he quit all that extra bullshit out and just ball

  91. Woose Malone
    Woose Malone
    Ամիս առաջ

    #2 in White got game👀

  92. SV DaGoat
    SV DaGoat
    Ամիս առաջ

    Da Baby had 3 iphones in his hand when he sat down lol

  93. Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams
    Ամիս առաջ

    The black team was definitely the favorite!

  94. Vic Mone
    Vic Mone
    Ամիս առաջ

    5:51 😂😂😂😂

  95. "No Hey Hey Hey"
    "No Hey Hey Hey"
    Ամիս առաջ

    Who cares

  96. Mia Maddison
    Mia Maddison
    Ամիս առաջ

    Regarding Mikey showing down below, 1, can't do much about it? 2, doesnt realize how much it shows? 3-doesn't care how much it shows? 4- he likes that it's being noticed and discussed?

  97. North of Main Street
    North of Main Street
    Ամիս առաջ

    Who is the PG on Mikey’s team ? He’s pretty good

    1. Steven Starkey
      Steven Starkey
      Ամիս առաջ

      Trey Green yeah he’s tough

    Ամիս առաջ

    Every time i see Emoni he settles for the 3... Hes a good shooter.. But i want to see can he really go get inside. He has the talent but i see the pattern as he settles for the long 3...take when 55 caught the dunk Emoni WITH TIME went down the court had him stagger a little instead of taking it to the rack and body him he took a step back 3.... As a coach i really see what would be his flaw... He will get schooled well IF he goes to Michigan State by Izzo...If he goes str8 league it might be a problem...

    1. Lonnie Knight
      Lonnie Knight
      Ամիս առաջ

      @JERMAINE TAYLOR I think he could make it to the league now and get paid but I feel you though college would help him develop even more. Idk if maybe he was scared a little because he got smacked in the face and had to get stitches recently or what but I would love to see him attack more

      Ամիս առաջ

      @Lonnie Knight I remember.... Im just saying he letting cats off the hook too many times... He clearly the next KD but KD didnt take his foot off of knowones neck. I hope he gets a chance to play for Izzo. Izzo will get him more prepared for the league just my opinion... Wish he went to UVa tho.... Just my opinion🤣

    3. Lonnie Knight
      Lonnie Knight
      Ամիս առաջ

      He just coming off a injury. He can take it to the hole too

  99. thegoat faReal
    thegoat faReal
    Ամիս առաջ

    This was KD vs Westbrook

    Ամիս առաջ

    I always get mad when i look at high school basketball warmups.. When i was in high school they would give us a technical foul if we dunk during warmups! From middle school to high school 93 - 98 no dunking during warmups...im jelous 😆

    1. Derrell Jenkins
      Derrell Jenkins
      Ամիս առաջ

      I was thinking the same thing.