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How do you manage your personal finances? Do you sometimes waste money on stupid things?
Look how we did this video:

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    Agung Surya
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    Agung Surya
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    Thanh Nguyen
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  6. Meteor X
    Meteor X
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    Excuse me only 2 weeks and 82 million views . Damm I didn't knew that there where that many brainless people.

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  18. Arbhemay Espolong
    Arbhemay Espolong
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    I love how she split the diamonds in to three with a hammer.

    1. Sumit Mehrotra
      Sumit Mehrotra
      14 ժամ առաջ

      That's a pickaxe not a hammer

  19. Usha Prajapati
    Usha Prajapati
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    1. RejzTV
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    Maruthu D
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    Siti Maryam
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    Nanda Abizar
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    Gina martinez
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    Marco Antonio Abarca vergaray
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      mllop aeet
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    Taufik Hidayatullah
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  34. Taufik Hidayatullah
    Taufik Hidayatullah
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    1. Taufik Hidayatullah
      Taufik Hidayatullah
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    Jose Alonso Avilez Aparicio
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    Hajramudassar Hajra
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    Jhon w Corrales p
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    Jasminee T.H
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    Yasir Hernandez
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    Vijayapratha JawliJenardanan
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    Zakriya Hussain
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    Vani P
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      Gal Avneri
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