Jason Sudeikis On Why He Wore The "Jadon, Marcus, Bukayo" Sweater

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Jason Sudeikis tells Stephen why he wore a special shirt in support of the England soccer strikers who faced online racial abuse after the Euro 2020 final. You can catch Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in season two of "Ted Lasso" on AppleTV+.

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  1. Megan Ripley
    Megan Ripley

    For those of you who don't know Marcus Rashford basically single handedly lobbied the government to continue to feed children in poverty when the government planned to stop it over the holidays and has set up a Child Poverty Task Force. He also does a huge amount promoting reading literacy for kids. He's Number 1 on the Sunday Times Giving List having donated £20m of his own wealth. And he's only 23. He's beloved here and we couldn't give a stuff if he missed a penalty.

  2. S C
    S C

    Jason Sudeikis is the true meaning of the word "mensch"; For Jason to acknowledge the 3 British footballers maligned by rascist asswipes, and highlight feeding kids during the pandemic, when many did not get regular meals due to COVID shutdown, is priceless. Continued success Jason on all your endeavors.

  3. Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall

    The shirt move at the Premiere was a pure class move. Hat is off to those three young men who have done more than I ever will.

  4. Ben Isham Smith
    Ben Isham Smith

    Big love. These young men were brave enough to take a penalty each, in England's biggest game in 55 years, in front of millions of people. The racism aimed at them was disgusting and shameful. The love and support given to them, however, has (almost) restored my faith in humanity here in the UK. Hate won't win.x

  5. D D
    D D

    As an American who lived in London for a decade and had season tickets at Arsenal and Fulham, I can say unequivocally that Ted Lasso nails it. They are able to make fun of how the brits see us, how we see them, how stupid and brilliant football is. They just get it right across the board. Well done to all the writers and actors.

  6. valeria g
    valeria g

    I’ve watched Ted Lasso so much I forgot what Jason’s voice actually sounds like

  7. Sam Jones
    Sam Jones

    When he said they were kids, he is right. Jason is about a decade older than them, the oldest out of the three players is Marcus Rashford he's just 23. Even biologically speaking, his brain is still developing. Bukayo Saka is 19, he literally graduated from school last year. (may I add, kid has an impeccable gradesheet, gotta respect those Nigerian parents). For those who don't follow Arsenal or football in general, this kid basically walked into the first team covering for injured players a little over a year ago and then has been played in basically almost every conceivable position on the field for an outfield player and he's answered the call every single time. Even in terms of national caps (games played for the team), he's a relatively new face. Still the manager trusted him enough to bring a 19 year old in their country's biggest cup final since 1966 and even gave him a penalty kick. The kid has backed himself in every tough fight he has been put in. He's a damn prince if you ask me (Most of the Arsenal supporters agree as well).

  8. Austin T
    Austin T

    Jason deserves every single bit of his success. What a class act.

  9. Emma Sayers
    Emma Sayers

    Thank you so much, Jason, for speaking up about Jadon, Marcus and Bukayo and their achievements (on and off the pitch). They and their team mates (and Captain) have done more for unity and solidarity in the UK than anyone else. We need that in these times of division (fuelled by the UK Gov).

  10. Anthony Petty
    Anthony Petty

    As a Tottenham Hotspur fan, I absolutely loved his original 2013 skit promoting the English Premier League as their new manager, really well done. A talented actor and comedian, and sounds like a genuinely nice person. Best wishes from NZ.

  11. K L
    K L

    I’ve watched all the episodes 3 times over. I can’t get enough of Ted Lasso ❤️

  12. Mandy Lee
    Mandy Lee

    Big up to Jason for supporting Marcus, Jadon & Bukayo so openly. Class act ✊

  13. Princess Jauregui-Hansen
    Princess Jauregui-Hansen

    Always liked Jason Sudeikis. He's a guy who gets it.

  14. Chris Mulhern
    Chris Mulhern

    Love this ! Well done !

  15. Quincifor

    It's an awe to see how much Jason Sudeikis is Ted Lasso irl. Such a wholesome and inspiring dude.

  16. Mike Kochczynski
    Mike Kochczynski

    "Like any baby, it takes a village," Jason Sudeikis staying in character...

  17. Sarah Hazlehurst
    Sarah Hazlehurst

    Even more in love with this man for appreciating those brave young men that achieved in their short lives....youngest one is 19 then all those fat racist bullies will ever achieve xxxx

  18. Jonathan Connolly
    Jonathan Connolly

    He is Ted Lasso. What a great thing for him to shine light on the three players for London. He did it beautifully and humbly.

  19. Will Mulligan
    Will Mulligan

    After years of living in such a negative America…..He has brought back joy, kindness, and love ……nearly cry with every episode…..well done….Lasso Saved America! This show makes me wanna be a better man 😀

  20. That Random Bloke
    That Random Bloke

    As an England fan, thank you Jason.