Brendan Hunt on Ted Lasso Emmy Wins, Pretending to Be English & New Baby

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Brendan talks about all of the Emmy wins for “Ted Lasso,” Jason Sudeikis winning Best Actor in a Comedy Series, wearing a top hat to the show, meeting Barry Jenkins, going to afterparties, spending an entire summer as a teenager pretending to be English, and having a new baby at home.

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  1. Geoffrey Maher
    Geoffrey Maher

    I 've known Brendan for over 30 years (went to college with my brother), and he has ALWAYS been funny. So happy for this moment for him.

  2. Eduardio Reedzki III
    Eduardio Reedzki III

    Anyone who’s watched the latest episode of Ted Lasso knows this man is truly a brilliant actor

  3. Navyou111

    I'm convinced Brendan will win an emmy next year for the season 2 episode, "Beard after hours". He was incredible.

  4. spookmineer

    He talked more in 10 minutes than in all of season one :D

  5. Lion Singh
    Lion Singh

    As a Brit, I found the premise silly ....until I saw it and brilliant. Glad Lasso learned real Football. layered and interesting and funny.

  6. gabi v
    gabi v

    The Ted Lasso series is the best TV show in many years! Ted and Coach Beard are unbelievable, but the whole cast, the script, they just put a smile on my face. I always watch it twice, once on Friday, repeat for Saturday. I didn't think that they would be up for the Emmys, it just seemed like a show for everyone, without any claims for awards, but they do deserve it tenfold.

  7. Bawn

    I just finished season 2. Brendan deserves an Emmy next. Without spoilers, that episode was my favorite. He did great work for the entire season too. I hope he wins an Emmy.

  8. NKiru 'Lumba
    NKiru 'Lumba

    Beard’s perfect understanding of Ted is an icing to this phenomenal show!

  9. Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
    Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan

    Coach Beard was undoubtedly the best dressed gentleman on the ceremony

  10. valeria g
    valeria g

    This episode was probably one of the best this season and made me cry about three times two of which I cried very hard

  11. Barry Power
    Barry Power

    A show that makes you laugh and cry every episode is a show that everyone should watch. Great stuff.

  12. Here's Johnny
    Here's Johnny

    what a fantastic storyteller. awesome interview. really happy for the entire cast of Ted Lasso.

  13. Oj yes that one
    Oj yes that one

    That Irish accent he done in the latest episode is lethal 🤣

  14. Snarky Charlie's
    Snarky Charlie's

    After the last ep I know one thing for sure, that man knows his way around a rave.

  15. Kevin E.
    Kevin E.

    That was hilarious! Great stories! 😂

  16. Dionne Nicole Smith
    Dionne Nicole Smith

    I am so late to the game...I completely forgot that Brendan was a performer now...we both went to Kenwood Academy, class of '89. So proud of him.

  17. Al Wyatt
    Al Wyatt

    Kimmel allowing his interviewees to talk. And he pull the loop closed at the end. Well done!

  18. xohmyheadx

    I never noticed Jimmy's laugh before and now I can't unnotice it. 😔 Oh and Ted Lasso is a truly great show.

  19. Lynne Miller
    Lynne Miller

    Brendan - thoroughly enjoyed everything about Ted Lasso this first season. Excellent job.

  20. Andie Bernhardt
    Andie Bernhardt

    LOL the fact that Brendan pretended to have an English accent as a teen and then in his episode he fakes an accent while they were playing those guys in pool 😂 seems like his real life has somewhat inspired his character