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Hey Alan Army! This video is called How Cryptocurrency Works. Are you invested in BITCOIN ? :D


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Hey friends, I'm Alan Chikin Chow!!
I'm a creator, actor \u0026 writer. My mission is to inspire people of all backgrounds and identities to unite through laughter. 🤍


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  4. Uwerlmi
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    This can't even be more inaccurate. If you know what you're doing, you can make money. If you're a tiktoker, I guess its accurate tho

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    Hina 。(✿^‿^)
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    Esse cara é burro se fosse eu tirava a caixa e pegava meu dinheiro de volta

  9. JJ JJ
    JJ JJ
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    Man you got a scale is 2021 out here in this town and work hard to get stuff now

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    Wilfredo Yambari romero
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  11. Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi
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    Moral never be greedy👍👍👍👍

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    Aya Choklata
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    Rastik Balog
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  15. Yassine Oukhouya
    Yassine Oukhouya
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    Cancel everything

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    tasos _gamergr
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    Όποιος θέλει τα πολλά χάνοι και τα λιγα

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    Maguette Diagne
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    Sidhu Gaming YT
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    BGM name please

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    Riski Heri
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    This research used for your current name of the world

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    Maria Evellyne
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    Guilherme gamer 209 Guigui
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    Afjal Hoshen
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    wow,kaisa mojah hain eh

  29. Jan Jans
    Jan Jans
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    The guy only spend a dollar in the end 😂

  30. LYO《ICDC》
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    هاذي تاليت الطمع

  31. Mohammed Naufan
    Mohammed Naufan
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    Yea!!😂😂 am from kerala

  32. Walfred Reyes
    Walfred Reyes
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    Bruh I was just knowing it there's a plp in there because it's a box

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    Μιλτος Στριγκος
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  35. Komal Purewal
    Komal Purewal
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    Moral of the story is:we should never be greedy

  36. Shameela Shafeek
    Shameela Shafeek
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    Anybody getting Lookism vibes?

  37. Агата Агата
    Агата Агата
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    Прикол так прикол

  38. Introvertedsociety
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    How do i watch this and enjoy this? Should i delete some iq by watching friends? How does it work

  39. Татьяна Ворожцова
    Татьяна Ворожцова
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    У него разные телефоны

  40. Rajja Rajput
    Rajja Rajput
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    Sab duba diya 😂

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    Kuldeep Maan
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    Lalach buri bala hai

  42. Obaloluwa Ojo
    Obaloluwa Ojo
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    There was some there

  43. Obaloluwa Ojo
    Obaloluwa Ojo
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    Look it is fake

  44. Xhemile Hyseni
    Xhemile Hyseni
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    Kol l love it😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣

  45. frederec aparis
    frederec aparis
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    nice prank

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    Harry Gaming
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    Pubg box

  47. Vanlalbb Zeli
    Vanlalbb Zeli
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    This shows that we should never be greedy in anyways.Or else we will lost all our things.😎

  48. Hellen Caroliny
    Hellen Caroliny
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    Bem feito

  49. nanu limbu
    nanu limbu
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    😂 hahahahahahahah

  50. Keren and Abhi vlogs , Sweet sister and brother
    Keren and Abhi vlogs , Sweet sister and brother
    12 ժամ առաջ

    That's why don't be greedy

  51. Маргарита Пильгуй
    Маргарита Пильгуй
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    Brenda Karundu
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  53. يوسف الكنج زعيتر
    يوسف الكنج زعيتر
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    اخر الطمع

  54. kacchan we were five (Kiara)
    kacchan we were five (Kiara)
    12 ժամ առաջ

    I feel like just watched a mobile game ad

  55. dcoog anml
    dcoog anml
    13 ժամ առաջ

    Thats why the first rule of investing is only invest what youre willing to lose

  56. Ruslanchik
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    cringe level: oh my fucking god so much

  57. Mina Bhusal
    Mina Bhusal
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    Ariana Joachin
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  59. Christopher Valdivia
    Christopher Valdivia
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    I still like it but that's rude not trying to be a hater

    1. dcoog anml
      dcoog anml
      13 ժամ առաջ

      Aneaneh ajah sik

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    Sayyara Hamzayeva
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    Ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✊

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    Minh Trần
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    con cai nit

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    وائل حسين
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    الطمع 😅

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    Bethan Charles
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    He made 3 dollars

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    balen karkuki
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    بژی سلێمان هەڵشۆیی دانیشتوە گوێی لێیە 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    vanery teevee
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    A person !!!!!!!!

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    Ionut Iftimie
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    Maus owx

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    Very funny 😊😊😊

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    Aneaneh ajah sik

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    온오빠 따라했네

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    This was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😊😄😄😄😄😁😁😁

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    Kasihan deh lo kok mau saja di tipu🤣🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗

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    Wah Bhai Wah kya Idea Lagaya

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    María Fernanda Bu corea
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    I just need to say, Alan, your vid has more views than some music videos. U r big! Big! Also I luv it btw!

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    Hebat lah itu org dikerjain

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    The lesson from this vid is don't be greedy

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    Kena prenk kau

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    Good haha

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    Вы вщыоыд двоытыл ылвро во-во во-во овоао ыодао лвтч

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    Que gil