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EW's Kristen Baldwin chats with Brett Goldstein about his experience acting in 'Ted Lasso' and writing episode 5.

Among Ted Lasso's whopping 20 (!) Emmy nominations were seven for the comedy's ensemble cast - including Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominations for Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent), Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard), Nick Mohammed (Nathan Shelley), and Jeremy Swift (Higgins). So when writer-actor Goldstein joined EW's The Awardist for a chat about his nominated season 1 performance, we had to ask: Has the trash-talking among the Lasso lads already started, and how intense is it getting?

"It's wonderful that we've been nominated as a team, and actually it's better that we've been nominated as a team - because otherwise it would be really awkward on set," says Goldstein. "I much prefer that we've been nominated as a team. But… I do want us to wrestle... at the Emmys... live."

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'Ted Lasso' Star Brett Goldstein on Being An Emmy Nominee | The Awardist | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Imma Node
    Imma Node

    The Ted Lasso show is literally therapy for me in these times. Although fictional, it gives me a glimmer of hope for humanity. Friday nights have become such a special moment for us. I hope this show goes on for a long while! Well done!

  2. Al Wyatt
    Al Wyatt

    Kristin Baldwin is a fantastic interviewer. Smart and prepared, she asks really good questions. She doesn't try to lead. She doesn't over-fawn. Her interview with Hannah Waddingham is really, reall good.

  3. Hazel Ileto
    Hazel Ileto

    The Ted Lasso cast is probably the group with the most humble actors + writers. Love this interview, very insightful :)

  4. Maria Sheidy
    Maria Sheidy

    Brett Goldstein is the whole package. An Actor, a writer, a standup comedian, a sex God, a legend, an Emmy Nominee, a Podcaster, and a doughnut. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤣

  5. Colored Francie
    Colored Francie

    SO glad she asked him about his voice work for Roy. The difference in Brett’s vs Roy’s speaking voices made such a huge impression on me. Very cool to see his thinking behind the vocal choice.

  6. M Gardener
    M Gardener

    Thought I couldn't love Brett Goldstein more and then I watched this interview! He's incredibly humble and his gratitude for being a working actor shines through. Also loved how he kept telling Kristen "that's a good question." So, so happy he won the Emmy - very well deserved!

  7. BrainzZzZz

    I am normally not into those kind of interviews but dare I say this was the most coherent and respectful and open way interview in the showbiz I have ever seen. Sadly the audio and video quality lags behind for obvious reasons, but holy smokes, you have some great way to talk to people Kristin Baldwin!

  8. KyeraWorld

    I loved season one, but I must say season 2 is smoking! Laugh. Cry. Brett is such a balanced tragic hero that you can’t help but to cheer for him.

  9. Patrick L
    Patrick L

    "Am I allowed to swear on this by the way?" - maybe the most Roy Kent phrase to say

  10. Dijana Harris
    Dijana Harris

    The best compliment my teenager gave me was: ‘… Mum, you’re like Roy Kent … without the huge swearing’. If you’ve had a teen you know how much this means 🥰🤣♥️🤗

  11. James

    This is my favorite interview that I've seen with Brett. Well done Kristen!

  12. Rosablue Hand-Made Originals
    Rosablue Hand-Made Originals

    "I opened the door. Then I called HR ..." Such a naturally lovely, funny bloke.

  13. jessmess

    this was a really good interview! really balanced questions. also s2 of this show is somehow even better than s1 for me

  14. Richard Fleming
    Richard Fleming

    I love Ted Lasso

  15. Robert Fobian
    Robert Fobian

    Mr. Goldstein, thank you so much for "Roy Kent". Through the centuries, there are artists that people have called a "national treasure". It's not enough to call you a national treasure...I don't know if there is life on other planets, in other galaxies, etc. You sir are nothing less than a Galactic Treasure, truly...truly, sir. These are dark times. And we have had dark times for some time now. "Ted Lasso" is a show that reminds us all of our humanity, the goodness in the world and what human beings could be capable of achieving if we can embrace love and hope and look past our differences and our hate. Be well, keep safe and peace be upon you always..."Roy Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt, Roy Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnnt! He's here! He's there! He's every-f(^$*%#& where! Royyyyyy Kent!"

  16. Christine Tucci
    Christine Tucci

    Good God, this man is brilliantly funny. Adore him.

  17. Michael Muldowney
    Michael Muldowney

    Kristen is a brilliant interviewer.

  18. Steven Moormann
    Steven Moormann

    He should go to the emmys in character

  19. Lisa S
    Lisa S

    I absolutely love Roy’s soccer TV commentary.

  20. Xv Xv
    Xv Xv

    Who would thumb down this? This is a great interview