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If you go on a date with Chloe Hilliard, she has a list of questions you better be prepared to answer. Follow Chloe on Twitter @Chloe_Hilliard! See a LIVE SHOW at the Hollywood Laugh Factory! BUY TICKETS:
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  1. Jessica B
    Jessica B
    2 ամիս առաջ

    Omg. I've asked a man that question before.

  2. Ben Benassi
    Ben Benassi
    2 ամիս առաջ

    i don't believe the earth is round either. That round view from satelites must be the couds or something. Earth is probably just bumpy and shapeless

  3. Danny Bellinger
    Danny Bellinger
    9 ամիս առաջ

    She is always funny as hell.

  4. Jasmine Houston-Burns
    Jasmine Houston-Burns
    11 ամիս առաջ

    I like how her friend seriously, was like "It's your fault. You shoulda aksed him."

  5. spiderpimp33
    Տարի առաջ

    Godfrey brought me here. I love her now.

  6. L.R. Red
    L.R. Red
    2 տարի առաջ

    Those questions were valid...

  7. M Fawaz
    M Fawaz
    2 տարի առաջ

    She thick too.

  8. piedpiper85
    3 տարի առաջ


  9. Neojin
    3 տարի առաջ

    this is vsauce’s fault

  10. 15heartz
    3 տարի առաջ


  11. DasItMane
    3 տարի առաջ

    Ayyyyy a funny woman

    3 տարի առաջ

  13. George Taliat
    George Taliat
    3 տարի առաջ

    ok is it just me or are there way more flat earthers out there these days. Like all of a sudden i find lot of ppl talking about . some of my acquaintances putting up arguments on facebook about how theyre convinced the earth is flat.. whats going on. are they mass recruiting?

  14. Isha Marie
    Isha Marie
    3 տարի առաջ

    So funny 😂

  15. P john
    P john
    3 տարի առաջ

    whitest name ever

  16. operahoser
    3 տարի առաջ

    but the earth is flat

    1. Mase Betha
      Mase Betha
      3 տարի առաջ


  17. 69gecs
    3 տարի առաջ

    fun fact, there is a word that means to ask or question that can reasonably be shortened to ax. the grammar is fine.

  18. dmed
    3 տարի առաջ


  19. Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison
    3 տարի առաջ

    college graduate huh? That's some grammar and diction for a college graduate.

  20. Leonidas GGG
    Leonidas GGG
    3 տարի առաջ

    I AM taking notes... Ain't gonna catch me off guard!

  21. Who is John Galt?
    Who is John Galt?
    3 տարի առաջ

    Good questions, I never thought about this before

  22. Preston Chandler
    Preston Chandler
    3 տարի առաջ

    that was good

  23. TheeGrandHizah
    3 տարի առաջ

    I was skeptical about this at first but it was actually good 👍

  24. Jubach
    3 տարի առաջ

    Smart gurl.

  25. Youtube Videos
    Youtube Videos
    3 տարի առաջ

    we need more dumb broads like this repping the globe earth so more people wake up. It would be funny that she actually thinks the earth is traveling at the insane speed of 670 million miles per hour, but like all globe believers, they don't actually know anything about their own ridiculous false system

  26. VC讀你聽
    3 տարի առաջ

    nice 'axs' hmm hmm

  27. Sophie Haberkorn
    Sophie Haberkorn
    3 տարի առաջ

    Hahahaha too true

  28. RobinMcBeth
    3 տարի առաջ

    So flat earth is a laughing stock but omnipotent sky pixie is a serious Questkonto.

    1. John Murray
      John Murray
      3 տարի առաջ

      That's an interesting point. But, the omnipotent sky pixie is invisible, so it can even fit with modern science. The flat earth thing is conflicting sight with sight and touch with touch. It doesn't fit, unless you swallow a the shit load of conspiracy that comes with it.

  29. 1MinuteFlipDoc
    3 տարի առաջ

    she isn't very funny, but she could absolutely get a role in a romance comedy tv show. will and grace, how i met your mother, etc etc. those jobs pay better anyway.

  30. JustOneAsbesto
    3 տարի առաջ

    Bit of an unfortunate angle on the lighting there.

    1. Dancing Spiderman
      Dancing Spiderman
      3 տարի առաջ

      JustOneAsbesto Ikr? It's Dark Alley in an Inner City Ghetto lighting. If Jay Larson or Nate White-guy -Nazie-whatever was on stage, it would be ultra brilliant mall entry of Neiman-Marcus lightning

  31. Mist'er Johnson
    Mist'er Johnson
    3 տարի առաջ

    "Leave Xbox to ManMan" Ha.

  32. N
    3 տարի առաջ

    Good female comic

  33. Justin Holmes
    Justin Holmes
    3 տարի առաջ

    Strong work.

  34. HATE is a sign of ENVY
    HATE is a sign of ENVY
    3 տարի առաջ


    1. Angry Applesauce
      Angry Applesauce
      3 տարի առաջ


  35. TheLovelyDianne
    3 տարի առաջ

    Pretty good now I know what to be asking on a first date

  36. Catani
    3 տարի առաջ

    nice...this was actually funny. new jokes...nothing rehashed. I like her

  37. PutOnAFlannel
    3 տարի առաջ

    "Those are too tight. Way too tight. You need to upgrade. There's not enough pants where there should be more pant there."

  38. Toni Jackson
    Toni Jackson
    3 տարի առաջ

    I like her!

  39. wizztizzlm
    3 տարի առաջ

    Quite funny.

  40. Robert
    3 տարի առաջ

    flat earth is a meme but there are some p. good conspiracy theories out there ngl

    1. JustOneAsbesto
      3 տարի առաջ

      No, a lot of flat-earthers actually believe it.

  41. FKnFREAK
    3 տարի առաջ

    It started out funny until the part about God.... If she believes in god then they belong together right..God.. Flat earth . Same thing.

    1. FATshadow
      3 տարի առաջ

      rub some cream on it sweetheart

    2. Leah B
      Leah B
      3 տարի առաջ

      John Kahrs She never said she believes in God. Maybe she doesn't and wants to make sure the guy doesn't either.

  42. benjee
    3 տարի առաջ

    I wanna see the idiot white knights saying "durr all the LF videos with female comics are disliked for no reason." No, many happen to be disliked because the comedy was shit. This was really funny, she was great

    1. Angry Applesauce
      Angry Applesauce
      3 տարի առաջ

      We dine well here in Camelot We eat ham and jam and spam a lot

    2. benjee
      3 տարի առաջ

      *white knight detected*

    3. Damian Delafosse
      Damian Delafosse
      3 տարի առաջ

      Maybe that excuse would be believable you stupid fuck, if so many of the commenters who bash female comedians didn't go out of their way to mention the sex of the person they''re bashing.

  43. Apple_Cider
    3 տարի առաջ

    she's funny !

  44. Derpster
    3 տարի առաջ

    Good. Continue.

  45. Braxant
    3 տարի առաջ

    Why do black americams pronounce the word ask as axe?

    1. i d
      i d
      Տարի առաջ


    2. brell 2-1-5
      brell 2-1-5
      2 տարի առաջ

      no, I say ask

    3. sunkid02
      3 տարի առաջ

      Ramez Nashat thats why you all work in 711s cause you're so educated ??

    4. Corey Pattison
      Corey Pattison
      3 տարի առաջ

      Braxant because that's the way they taught her to pronounce it in college. Didn't you hear her she's a college graduate. just ax anyone

    5. jrod898
      3 տարի առաջ


  46. Popkornking
    3 տարի առաջ

    Was waiting for someone to talk about this

  47. TheTruthIsTheWay11
    3 տարի առաջ

    Love this!

    3 տարի առաջ

    that stare after "KIDS''

  49. 1rkhachatryan
    3 տարի առաջ

    Hahaha very nice, more of her please 😂😂👏👏!!