WOW! We Made A Tree House Just From Plastic Wrap! Bushcraft Hacks, Camping Tricks By A PLUS SCHOOL

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1:14 Camping shower;
4:27 Phone battery is low?
8:11 Gadget against the mosquito bites.
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  1. Erick Hernandez
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  2. Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez
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    You said just plastic wraps🤔

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    Why are you citing trees

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    Keefe Hubert Atienza
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  15. The VKed Commentist
    The VKed Commentist
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    Please do not try this. Stop using plastic wraps and save environment..

  16. Brenda Mayrin Gómez Flores
    Brenda Mayrin Gómez Flores
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    Excelentes ideas

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  19. Chawia Varte
    Chawia Varte
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    Camping tricks by 5 minute crafts

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    Gishel Andreyani
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    SX Liliana
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    3 minutes movie clips
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    This is so bad for the environment! You wastes so much plastic just for this dumb video!

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  52. Muchuchu inc cat
    Muchuchu inc cat
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    Serilously? THIS IS 5 MINUTE CRAFTS!!!! A plus School is just a whole bunch of people who re-recorded 5 minute crafts and is claming that it is original when its just a COPPY CAT

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    The 5 minute crafts water mark- 💀✌

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    Ok so i was lookin at the '5 minute craft' watermark right there 🌚

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      @Rachel Lina ...झङञघझटवमकाद

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      Osana najimi UWU
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      I already did something like that

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