😍 Smart Gadgets And Appliances For Every Home || Cleaning, Kitchen, Beauty Inventions 😍#143. #shorts

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😍 Smart Gadgets And Appliances For Every Home || Cleaning, Kitchen, Beauty Inventions 😍
New Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen/Utensils For Every Home🙏Makeup/Beauty🙏
Cool gadgets!😍Smart appliances, Home cleaning/ Inventions for the kitchen [Makeup&Beauty] 💪🙏
All products in this video are owned by the website owner and product owner. This is not a promotional video. It's just a smart gadget that makes our lives better.


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    Artyoshka - Roblox and More!
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    wtf is going on with the music

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    British people making ice cream be like

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    You need to try instant freezing to make a good icecream

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    Let’s take a moment to appreciate that in the title it has smart and in the video theirs a bean popsicle

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    Smooth Brain
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    Why is this cutsie song so *BASS BOOSTED*

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    omay gat 😯

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    Everyone talking about beans Me: wtf was that bg music

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    Fucking beans

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    Filip Krolikowski
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    Well this vid aint that Smart

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    Why the music deep fried?

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    I like middle one

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    K I L L M E

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    first one: yeah okay... second one: damn id eat that.. third one: WAIT A DAMN MINUTE

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    Everyone needs a nice refreshing bean popsicle in the summer

    1. Kalpana Chaudhari
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      @Virendra Kumar ml

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      Virendra Kumar
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      Indeed 😊

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    Smart Sahle Family
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    Ya i think she did

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    Music is better than Mozart could ever do!

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    Insta: ein_meme_konig
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    Can anyone help me with the songs name!!! Please

  55. OP Gamerz
    OP Gamerz
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    First liquid:bepis Second liquid:gogurt with swabery Third liquid:BEEEEEANZ WAT DOU FUK

  56. Ólafur Guðmundur
    Ólafur Guðmundur
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    Gordon Ramsay gonna scream after seeing this...

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    Можно такую музыку не включать это уже бесит

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    Nicole Nicole
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    The third one will actually taste good, don't judge when you don't even know what it is

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      Sheila Moore
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    2. Sheila Moore
      Sheila Moore
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    Ahhhhh noooooo the beans!!!!

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    Who makes Coca-Colas ice cream

  65. ShohJ
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    For people who think the third one is a mix of beans, it is actually very sweet, and it is considered a delicatessen! I don't know what it is called in Chinese but it is called Azuki in Japanese if I remember correctly!

    1. Theodora Hartati
      Theodora Hartati
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      Mhm i agree

    2. ShohJ
      3 օր առաջ

      @TheChilledLemon yep

    3. TheChilledLemon
      3 օր առաջ

      Red bean would be the English name and Im very disappointed that a good portion of folk here don't seem to know what it is.

  66. faheem Umer
    faheem Umer
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    Name kia hy is ka

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    the last one is for a cat 😂😂😂

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    Do Coll

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    ah yes my favorite popsicle flavor. *B E A N S*

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      bean popsicles with the bois

    2. Sonic Da Man
      Sonic Da Man
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      @Ada Dorneanu it's alright my guy

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      Ada Dorneanu
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      it's very sweet (sorry to ruin your joke)

    4. Ada Dorneanu
      Ada Dorneanu
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      theyre not savoury

    5. anoushka
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    Does nobody gonna talk about the ear rape this video gives us

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    That was yummy

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    Ah yes. Dog food ice Cream, my favorite

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    I like the middle one

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    Mau dong

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    B e a n p o p c i c l e

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    The 3rd one is cat food I guess...

  93. Vuxitial Tiktok
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    Me trying my hardest not to track this girl down and kill her: my Brain: STOP STOP RIGHT THeRe YOUr ViolKdjzjd the law

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    I want bean ice cream because I'm a spawn from hell

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    NoW tO aDd sUm bEaNs

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    the bass of this video is fricking making my ears bleed

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    Bro bean ice cream so nasty

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    aku suka😍😍😍

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    Is it just me or does the music sound possessed

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    wow 😍😍😍😘😘😘😀😀