Food Theory: MrBeast Burger Is NOT What You Think...

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MrBeast posted a video where he announced he was opening his own, mainly digital, fast food restaurant. It went over BIG, not only in the one brick and mortar drive through in his video, but with the food apps as well. I was fascinated and had to learn how he pulled it off, as well as if this is a move that could change the face of fast food forever. What I found, Theorists, is VERY interesting. I think I've figured out the SECRET to MrBeast Burger and it may not be what you expect...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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    Hey i already reacted to a roblox youtuber eating that burger

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    I think he just made this episode so he could say buca de bepo a million times

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    ‘What a waste of money’ Me: Those are free

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    I love mrbeast!!

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    I just... Confused.. How can someone has so many money.. And even give away 10k and even million like it's nothing. Meanwhile I'm who also around his age work and get around 1000-2000 a month lol.. And for me, 10k is also kinda so big..

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    Had me worried with that title

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    Fact You

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    Are you Matt patt?

    1. I am HowToBasic • 70 years ago
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      Yes he is matpat

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    Mac From Among Us
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    Does this person have mrbeast, opinion respected but i rlly like mr beast

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    At this point ghost kitchens can just be called youfoods

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    Wow, I don't exactly know who Mr. Beast is and I sure didn't know that I love him! What a wonderful human.

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    Its obvious how he did it, hes a beast MR.BEAST💯

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    That’s crazy I just looked up the address for my beasts burger near me and it was Bertuccis very smart man who is working with these celebrities

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    Can I get one in Canada or is it exclusively in the US ?

  20. Korbin Brashears
    Korbin Brashears
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    I hate mr beast. His channel is pretty much just "hay look at how RICH and GENEROUS I am" like he is not really generous. He is just doing it for the response. Real generous people give money to good causes and do not bragg to the literal WORLD about it. He literally just gives money to random people for stuff like shoes, consoles, and junk food that they would be better off not eating. Why not put the money towards a disease or giving cows to people in Africa.

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    I'm a burger am I real?

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    Mrbeast: I am going to spread my restaurant all around America in just a few weeks Ebola: Wow I’m impressed

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    Ruthless businessman.

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    United States
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    Plot Twist: MrBeast is actually Elon Musk

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    Sue him now

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    Theres one in my state but no where close to my town.

  27. Aerix
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    Burgers were excellent. They were on a level similar to other big burger names in our area like five guys, steak & shake, etc. Fries were an unfortunate miss. They arrived soft and soggy without a big taste difference between seasoned and unseasoned. Neither seasoned nor unseasoned fries were properly salted. Delivery was fast, like 20 minutes before the eta fast.

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    Sanny Sanusi
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    I cannot believe this not being rude but i think your just jealous

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    Whoever dislike I accept him :)

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    Estelle Gracelyn
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    @MrBeast comet be like : orer now @And The Food Theorists : pinned THE HOLE POINT OF OUR VIDEO IS MrBeast Burger Is NOT What You Think... then why did you pinn it ????

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    Do a theory on grubhub ad

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    Great video!

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    Imagine getting a FNAF restaurant in real life

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    But it was free

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    What are you talking about, mrbeast is the prince (Pewdiepie is the King) says mrbeast

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    You said Bertuccis wrong thats my some of my family's last Name so you dont say the cc like ch you say it like s

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    Poké WishMaker
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    I guess people get a “toy” with their meal even the adults

  44. Poké WishMaker
    Poké WishMaker
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    What’s mr beast burger

  45. Karie Johnson
    Karie Johnson
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    Virtual kitchens, ie non public facing kitchens for delivery only, have been around for nearly a decade especially in large cities where the restaurant you want to order from is so far away that delivering food in a decent timeframe is almost impossible. These virtual kitchens are held to the same if not greater standards as they must meet requirements for all the brands they cook for.

    1. I am HowToBasic • 70 years ago
      I am HowToBasic • 70 years ago
      2 ժամ առաջ

      That is true. Very true.

  46. Myles Alderdyce
    Myles Alderdyce
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    MatPat: what a waste of money ( just casually throws money away )

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    Mr. krabs wya

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    Imagine a fnaf character shows up at your door with your food will that scare you? Because it does not scare I rather find it cool tbh

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    Its the fooddropshipping

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    Any kitchen can make any order. Reminds me of Demolition man, in the future every restaurant is a Taco Bell.

  51. Mason Hendricks
    Mason Hendricks
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    I didnt even know this existed, I saw on door dash a whole bunch of restaurants with the same address and thought nothing until you just blew my mind

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    Kamil Raza
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    U talk toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòòooooooooooòooóooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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    Hi Matpat, could you turn on the captions for this video? At least the auto generated ones for accessibility?

  55. ꧁ ꧁K̸a̸w̸i̸i̸a̸K̸u̸t̸e̸ U̸w̸U̸꧂
    ꧁ ꧁K̸a̸w̸i̸i̸a̸K̸u̸t̸e̸ U̸w̸U̸꧂
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    What If mr.beast made a channel called mr.beast burger and where he choose everything

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    Raja Peric
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    i never ate mc donalds burger

    1. Raja Peric
      Raja Peric
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      @TP Koyr im not deep in the mountains... but mc donalds is not here we have only classic restoraunts not mac donalds

    2. BallisticFire
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      @TP Koyr Maybe they dont live in US

    3. BallisticFire
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      @TP KoyrBruh that’s not true

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      TP Koyr
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      @Raja Peric you've gotta be joking where do you live McDonald's is literally evrywhere

    5. Raja Peric
      Raja Peric
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      @TP Koyr no theres no mac donalds near me

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    The editing skills is on point

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    Sister Brand is SL’s twin sibling that doesn’t want to be scary

  59. Pinkipie Pie
    Pinkipie Pie
    17 ժամ առաջ

    I'd love to talk about this for a moment, I work in one of those kitchens that uses ghost kitchens. I work the carry out position, and I see what the kitchen staff goes through. I've seen Tyga Bites, Mariahs Cookies, MrBeast Burgers all go out at the same time. Along with the lunch rush. What unfortunately ends up happening is that the original business itself gets super busy too, with carry out orders and dine in customers. While there are dead dine in days we still do get busy, for the past two nights we've been packed in dine in swamped with carry out, and swamped with these third party orders. I work at Bertucci's and I want to elaborate a bit more on what happens when we get virtual kitchen orders. it can happen two different ways, it can either print out automatically like normal online orders do, or we have to manually put in the orders, and for MrBeast orders, we have to manually put in the orders every single time. Here's the caveat not all kitchens are built equally. Here's what I mean by that. Not all kitchens were granted with the same space. some are smaller and some are bigger. we don't get a choice when it comes to the virtual kitchens, all the decisions are made by the higher ups, and im not talking bout like managers, or general managers, I'm talking like the general managers boss's boss. We have to put in fryers for the MrBeast burgers, each one needs its own space and it's own equipment. Not all kitchens have the room for that and not all kitchens are able to put in expansions to the building. There's so much I want to say and I want to get across, but there's just too much. I guess all I can say is that yes, virtual kitchens are keeping my Bertucci's location afloat, but at what cost to the employees.

  60. deadwzzd
    17 ժամ առաջ

    Everything he does legit keeps helping people, by hiring ghost kitchens, he's even helping the restaurants that aren't doing well because of the pandemic-

  61. Tamira Chinyemba
    Tamira Chinyemba
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    mrbeast commented is this cool or what

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    As an Arkansan, I'm really missing out lmao

    1. BallisticFire
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      I’m American and I cant even find the restaurant

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    I love mr beast

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    I think it's hilarious. It's like walking into a steakhouse..."excuse me but your food sucks. I don't want anything on your menu. Now go make me some...oh I don't about some chocolate milk and a burger that tastes like McDonalds." Then you throw a bunch of money at them and make someone drive it to your house like you're the president. It's an extremely obnoxious thing to do from everyone's perspective except for the customer who is being obnoxious. While I'd like an actual MRB B store to be around I just don't think his concept is a very good business model. There's just too many hands in the til. Nobody really makes out that well.

  68. Danielle Shanahan
    Danielle Shanahan
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    can these people stop shaming mr.beast all he does is help charities

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    That moment when you're in Europe and can't eat a Mr. Beast burger

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    2. fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh
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      I'm glad you learned something because i worked in a diner that did this for a bbq place in the next county over.

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    A1 s1lent
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    I'm glad you learned something because i worked in a diner that did this for a bbq place in the next county over.

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